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Sanskrit Dramas

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The roots of Sanskrit Drama can be found in some of the hymns of Rigveda, which are arguments or discussions between two individuals. From these dialogues the drama has developed into a complicated structure expressing nine moods in Sanskrit and Prakrit dialects. Bharata, the composer of Natyashastra has divided Sanskrit drama in ten types according to the characters, moods expressed and number of acts present.

The Dramas by Bhasa are the earliest among the well known and frequently read texts. He was well known among the Sanskrit poets Kalidasa, Ba?a, Rajashekhara and Da?di. At present, 13 of his dramas are known. Themes of some of the dramas are chosen from the epics- Ramayana and Mahabharata. He is famous for his simple plot and a complex depiction of his characters.

Other important dramatists are Shudraka who wrote Mrichchakatika, Kalidasa, Bhavabhuti and Bhattanarayana. The Mudrarakshasa of Vishakhadatta is one of the dramas worth a mention. It is a political drama without female characters and devoid of romance which otherwise is an integral part of Sanskrit Dramas.

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